Nutrition remains the key element both in terms of prevention, and the protection of the foundation in terms of health and fitness. In addition to the pleasure of healthy eating, I am personally interested in food because I grew up in the kitchens of my parent’s Vietnamese restaurant in Marseille. And the restaurant was called Duc Long ...

I provide:
  • A wellness program and nutritional monitoring.
And also:
  • A counseling service by going food shopping with you.
  • Your in-home cooking coaching service offering healthy, protective and lightweight recipes (preparation and cooking without oil, no butter, no cream).
I have created unique recipes which are inspired from:
  • Vietnamese recipes (I grew up in the kitchen of my parent’s Vietnamese restaurant)
  • Fit cuisine (lean protein,antioxidant effect of certain foods, omega 3, etc)

These are actually recipes prepared and cooked without any added fat (no oil, no butter, no cream, even to brown the onions). High oil omega 3 can be added just before eating:
  • to maintain cardiovascular properties of this oil that are lost when cooking it.
  • to control the quantity.
  • or to limit calories (without adding this oil) depending on your goal.


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