How frequently should I be working with my trainer?
How long until I see results?
How flexible is your schedule? How reliable are you?
Yes my schedule is flexible but varies according to the schedules of my other clients. I am very reliable and conscientious. I am also very punctual for my appointments.
Do you take part in any sort of continuing education?
I routinely take classes, read a lot of research results and studies in the field of health, fitness and nutrition.
What is the most effective way to burn fat?
Studies in Australia and Japan in 2007 confirm that Interval exercises burn 3 times more fat than traditional cardio exercise.
How do I increase my metabolism (thus burning more fat)?
Do whole-body cardio exercise and resistance training at the same time. Your metabolism will not only be higher, but will also maintain this higher level in the post-session period. This is due to the fact that even at rest, your muscles need three times more energy than fat to keep their structure.
What muscle should I work to reduce my belly?
In addition to a cardio and muscle workout associated with a diet, you have to work the transverse, the only muscle able to reduce the size of your belly.
What is the main variable to muscle growth?
This variable is the time under tension.